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Ancient Warriors promo

by Pagan Reign

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    The long-awaited reissue of the promo version of the Pagan Reign album - «Ancient Warriors» from 2001 is now available for order. On this release there is an instrumental «Peruna Mighty Arrows», which was not included in the album in 2001. There are not many copies of the CD at all, so it makes sense to hurry with the purchase.

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Prolog 01:44
Dawn 03:38
Russian lands sleep in the darkness Drops of dawn lie on the cold grass Pleasant silence of the old wood Our master keeps all the good Only Yarilo donates the dawn There's nothing better than our sun It gives life to the whole forest We should keep the beauty for us Russia will resist all disasters, As predicted our ancestors So we'll bow to you again To the beauty that you gain Morning sun is rising high Making happy everyone Slavs are making sacrifice To the deity of sun We love the wood, we love the light Great Russia's taken our hearts And the power of its dawn Will make the Russian people strong
And they crucified god, did ever they know That he redeemed all their deadly sins Where're now the judges of heaven? Oh no! You are doomed and derided by the kings You could survive, but you chose your fate Why? Let this world deteriorate! But now you'll try sinner's torments A smiling butcher'll nail your hands You spit the blood. The rusted nails Pierce through your flesh and tear your veins The executioner smirks and grins His cassock rustles on the wind Upon the cross you found your throne The king of kings with crown of thorns Black blood oozes out from stigmata There's no repent... you are a martyr They want to see bloody death of the holy god Not knowing what's waiting beyond the threshold Start with your sermon. There some words to tell. Or your faithful nation will descend to hell You have faced the death in the name of mankind But who really cares why did you choose to die? Who will be next? Will the second arrive? Born to be crucified on the road called life
Black raven hovers in the skies Uneasy feeling in our minds Here come the words of Christian lies Adversity that never dies Ancient gods are on our side We must defend them all To keep the power of freedom inside Ancient Warriors. So we are called Fight for our land until you die For the faith of our ancient gods We don't need their alien rites Don't fear and raise your swords! The earth is scorched of burning flames Our foe never succeeds The Russian sword will crush your brain, The Lie Of Thousand Years
A heard a lot of elders' stories 'bout punishment of Russian gods An ancient hermit's glorious legend of The god of thunder and his force The rain of flames and hail of flashes Shall burn the foe into the ashes I'll die to see in the light of the moon The glorious omen of Perun Almighty God, the lord of thunder Give me your sign! The rain and clouds in your command and... You are the mighty one! The golden sun was rising higher An evil foe trespassed our land But Perun opened his eyes of fire And gave us sign with mighty hand Thunder roars and lightning flashes Here comes at last the Perun's anger Incinerates the foes to ashes Fiery sickle of burning amber Please, accept our sacrifices Thundercaster, Lord Perun We praise your eternal glory You will rule the heavens soon You are bashing foes apart With the burning hand Your flame burns in our hearts Russia's in your command
Oh, rusted forsaken old warrior's sword How much have you seen in your life Beheaded foes and the armors of gold The anguish... and years passing by Whose keen hands have been holding your hilt? Whose blood has been washing your steel? How many warriors you have ever killed? No answer to secrets you bear. You're forged to serve as a finger of gods In strong and agile Slavic hands Defend Russian land, our towns and woods And bring our foes to their graves The powerful smith, the envoy of Volhv Has taken the moonsteel to forge you He carved upon you some mystical signs In order to thwart plans of foes The thunder and storm strike the enemy's lines Despite of their pathetic pleas So that you could burn out with fire the eyes Of the prophets of monotheism The warrior's sword - power of Slavic gods The warrior's sword will kill their Lord The warrior's sword glory of our kind The war... a difficult way of life
We cry out for the victory While blood streams on the slashing steel Disintegrating enemies No way for their inhuman zeal You know, what you are going to face Last sons of the Crucified Converting our consciousness To serve your Christian might So let it be, the holy flame That burns in our hearts As our lords we shall proclaim The nature's pagan gods The fallen warrior, do believe! Magura comes from darkness Kissing your mouth with lips of grief To get you from this madness You feel the ancient spirit as It beats like a drum in your chest Your old sword glitters in the sun Our valor makes the foes run The pagan gods can reign again We'll crush the temples of their Christ In northern woods we'll light a flame For our sacrifice So let the memory remain Of Slavs, who died for gods And Iriy, house of holy light, Forever keeps their souls
You watch clouds with empty gaze Raven hovers in the blue sky Mask of horror on your pale face There is no escape, you will die Gods are looking from the heavens At the traitor with disdain He was bought over by Greeks In the name of liar's faith His agony will never end Arrow sticks out of his chest Traitor's cursed! There's no repent! Yes! Coward and deceiver doomed To suffer from the endless pain He had lost the Slavic honor Sold to the Christian slaves Death won't be granted to you Living dead You're doomed to suffer in dark Without end Though you could soon find out that you're wrong No mercy to those who betrayed Svarog Wounded warrior lost his powers Death is spreading its black wings But fire still burns in his eyes He fought valiantly on the field He desired to die for homeland Reddening earth with his blood Dreamed to see the god of thunder Roaring from the high above Warrior hears the voice of Perun From the halls of holy heaven Calling him to enter his realm Argh! Fallen honorable warrior I am singing song to praise you Let the golden sun to show you Road to the heaven's gate Death is a gift of the gods Oh, fighter! You dreamed to die in battle As I do You should know, you are not alone Go on and Give your life for Svarog and keep Your honor!
Pagan Reign 06:47
Epilog 01:01


The first version of the album was recorded in 2001 and released on CD-R in 2002 by Music Terror Records. This version is also supplemented by Perun's Mighty Arrows, which was not realized at that time and rerecorded by the musicians of Pagan Reign in 2021.


released May 21, 2002

2001 lineup:
Orey - vocal, guitars;
Vetrodar - guitars;
Koldun - Bass;
Sloven - Drums, keys.

2021 band-line:
Orey - vocal, rythm guitar;
Vetrodar - lead guitar, recorder; keys;
Voron - Bass;
Rus - Drums.


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Pagan Reign Tver, Russia

Slavonic Art Pagan Metal,
Since 1997
The main theme of the band is the Slavic mythology combined with folklore melodies based on the ancient Slavic music. Pagan Reign use in their music a lot of unique folk instruments which create a wonderful atmosphere of old times. ... more

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