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Once Again

by Pagan Reign

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Silence, darkness, northern runes Shining, glowing in the empty space Gods are rising, time begins Power coming to the end of time Glance to the abyss and keeping your mind Darkness and depth are moving and fighting In the beginning of new pagan era Two different worlds will collide Now we look to the sky Our path so shine Come, begin and try Your new world alive Open your heart and take your soul You own tradition coming it all Remove every fear and open the stars How universe is looking to us So I stop and play Play my music for eternity Stay on the cliff and hope you may fly Believe your life not ending this time Rise your art …Together again and again And now Gods stand behind us For our future what will shine like a sun For our land, tribes and Gods ... Return of Slavonian Gods!
Once Again 04:54
When you way’s ending and world around collapsed You stuck between life and death No way to come back, one way to be alive Get up from your knees and arise Once Again Now I'm through my destiny, hear my music Once again Together we're dropping our routine Once again We create soulfully our new world Once again Coming through our history to the future Once again
You're born in the dark by sparkling blast Magical racing through the time Across the stars, across the radiance Behind the wings of firebird From the depths of the past centuries From the abyss of universe space Flies on the call to their chidren God of the Fire - Simargl Rays of the stars in his eyes Under the wings of firestorm Hurries to the border of his dominions The strike will be rapid and sharp Mighty celestial army We called ancestors to fight To burn the bog of vice and Return the reign of light You fly away further and further And behind you the stars are lit Infinite space in a riot of fire A beautiful world was born in flame Everything moves in a circle Formidable bird shining inside Simargl rules the galaxy Power of fire keeps the universe
Reborn 02:58
Frozen in the rare time My own culture stays alive Feeling what I may feel Come again and I'm revived Pagan is beating in my heart We can live and fight again In future what we may create We must see Pagan Reign Once Again
At the root of the white mount On the border of universe worlds By the hammer of fiery will We have forged steel threads of fate Two cosmic giants collided Binary star system was formed Bright light wave overwhelmed Remorselessly breaking the drag The first screw-bolt has already fired It flies right the bull - eyes Stabbed the walls of oblivion and decay That were erected by grayness of tawdry ideas Arrow pierces through the fine line of being And now all shall be unmasked Like Perun’s celestial fire Reveals the blame games of Cattle God Behind the sunlight beyond a white river Is our stellar cradle The сold of outer space Enters your veins by thefreezing dark Leave your fears behind Myriad worlds look at you Open your mind For the eternal wisdom of universe We have earned our freedom By immortal will to win Dazzling white avalanche is ready To descend from the universe height Behind us ancestral domain, Onward - the glittering stars We have a long way to go Old spirit shots up to the sky
Pagan Reign 05:55
Вот стоят отважны воины Сыновья своей Земли И угрюмо смотрят в небо Жаль не видим Сварги мы Мы сыны отважной Леды И Перун – он наш отец Но ненастье над Землёю Пронесло христианский крест Всё мы видим Мать-Земля Твои слёзы над полями Позабыли твои дети Про тебя, про Ирий дом И живут не вспоминая Про Отцов своих далёких Про Героев своих славных Про Богов своих исконных With frost we come Northern pride of endless wasteland Ancient custom's near And we see our heroes Reign of dark ages Gone forever and we can’t Live with freedom As it was in those days Northern Gods are always near Look from frozen heaven Open heart and hit with a hammer Pagan Reign is here Но не может это длиться Боги наши всё же живы И они добавят силы Сыновьям своим отважным Пронесётся над землёй Коловрат рукой могучей И поднимет Старо-Племя Всё расставив по местам
The Dawn 04:22
Русские Земли спят во тьме Капли росы лежат на траве Тихо, красиво в тёмном лесу Наш повелитель хранит красоту Только Ярило дарует рассвет Солнышко наше – красивее нет Всё оживает в тёмном лесу Так сохраним же ту красоту Русь так велика и многогласа И наши предки любили тебя Так что и мы поклонимся тебе Той величавой твоей красоте Солнце с утра осветило поля И жизнь пошла своим чередом Славяне живут и славят тебя О Солнце Великое Божество Мы любим лес, мы любим свет И Русь Великую свою Могуч и силен тот народ Что жизнь свою здесь проведёт
Time like a flow Only one way to go Light and dark in us Our essence confusion Endless sleep as I stand Can’t survive, just follow The stars are blind Keep going to the end of Svarog's night We live and die without hope But believe in epoch of truth In this glorious kingdom of honor Our hearts will beam again


Extreme Melodic Folk Metal with Ambient acoustic inserts

... in old traditions we have found
just the beginning of the road
we stop and go, have different ways
sometimes forget what we've created
and now we're here in present days
will see again the Pagan Reign ...

After 12 years of silence, Pagan Reign will be born Once Again on Winter Solstice 2018. "Once Again" is the title of the 5th studio album which contains 12 lively, solid and technical compositions written in their unique style full of magic ancient melodies and visions of infinity.
The main idea behind the album is revival of the band and the endless will to perfection. The album is musically smooth and does not sound unexpectedly but at the same time it's a step forward and not aside from the main creative path of their previous works.
Powerful clear chords, shrilly screams, deep growls and virtuoso melodies are carring the listener into infinity while making the time stand still. Once Again is a monumental masterpiece opening the gates of the Universe, merging the past, the present and the future.

In addition to the standard for metal and rock music instruments and keyboard arrangements, the acoustic and wind Russian folk instruments as well as the more familiar instruments of medieval Europe are widely represented. But this time everything sounded like a streamlined, lively orchestral organism.


released December 22, 2018

Produced by Orey (Pavel Makarov) & Vetrodar (Dmitriy Kuznetsov)
All Music and Lyrics by
Orey & Vetrodar


Orey – Vocals, rhythm guitars, acoustic guitar, psaltery;
Vetrodar – Lead guitars & solo, bass, acoustics*, woodwinds**, keybords, percussion, harsh voice on track "Pagan Reign"
Dimosthen - Drums & percussion

*12-string guitar, Classic guitar, Mandolin, 4-strings Domra.
**Zhaleyka, Tver’s Horn, Sopel, Reedpipes, Recorders (Alt, Soprano, Piccolo), Ocarina.

Recorded from January to December 2018 at Yarko Records;
Sound design by Vetrodar & Orey
Mixed & Mastered by Dmitriy Kuznetsov

(с) Pagan Reign & (p) Yarko Music production


all rights reserved



Pagan Reign Tver, Russia

Slavonic Art Pagan Metal,
Since 1997
The main theme of the band is the Slavic mythology combined with folklore melodies based on the ancient Slavic music. Pagan Reign use in their music a lot of unique folk instruments which create a wonderful atmosphere of old times. ... more

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